How to listen to podcasts: a complete guide

You may be confused about what podcasts are and how to listen to podcasts. People still mistake them for radio shows, YouTube shows, and even audiobooks. It is also confusing because a podcast program can be broadcasted on YouTube, and some podcasts offer free audiobooks. In the same way, radio stations provide their radio shows in podcasts (because they know that a good part of the audience is used to this format). Although all this is true, podcast is much more than all the content just mentioned.

What is a podcast?

A podcast is an audio clip uploaded to the web and that you can download with an application to listen to podcast or listen online with a web player.

Podcasts are hosted on the web in podcast hostings (they are not a web page, nor an audio embedded in one, as they exist elsewhere on the web).

Podcast is a mash-up of iPod and broadcast created in the early 2000s to refer to the audio recordings that could be found online.

Apps to listen to podcast

To listen to podcasts, you need to use an application on your phone. Here we recommend some.

Apple Podcast

apple podcast

If you have an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, computer, or Apple TV, you can use this application to listen to podcasts. If you have multiple Apple devices, Apple Podcast will sync them, so you can start a podcast on the street on your phone and continue listening to it on your computer when you get to work.

The sound quality is excellent, and it has a timer so you can calculate when you want to finish listening. For example, if you listen to podcasts before sleeping and estimate that it takes about 20 minutes to fall asleep, you set the timer to stop after this time.

The only contra is if you want to listen to a podcast that is not in the iTunes store, which is the directory that feeds this Apple Podcast with shows.



The platform is easy to use and has some exciting tools such as adjusting the audio speed or a timer to pause it (ideal to listen to when going to sleep).

How do I use Audible for podcasts?

To listen to podcasts on Audible, you need to subscribe to the platform for £7.99 per month. However, it is possible to listen to Audible free for one month with a trial period.

Podcasts on Spotify


You can listen to Original and Exclusive Spotify podcasts, among which you will find some of the greatest in the world: Joe Rogan Experience, Unlocking us or Call Her Daddy.

The app has some excellent tools that need to be mentioned. You can build a library and filter the podcast episodes according to whether you have listened to them and by dates. They indicate podcasts crossovers so you can follow your favourite host in other shows.

You can also watch video podcasts on Spotify, such as The Joe Rogan Experience, undoubtedly one of the most successful and controversial podcasts in the world. In addition, Spotify offers easy access to its popularity ratings and, most attractive of all, it has data based on each user’s activity.

Google Podcast

google podcast

This application also synchronizes the devices where you have a Google account (including Alexa).

The Google podcast directory is even broader than the iTunes one. Also, if you want to know what each episode is about before listening to it, this application uses artificial intelligence to transcribe it. In addition, it relates the vocabulary of different podcasts to suggest you other episodes related to the one you are listening to.

The Podcast App

the podcast app

It is straightforward and has a massive library because it includes all the directories in RSS. They offer a popularity ranking and search by category. The search tool is very accurate, by category or by word.

You can make a list with your favourite shows and save episodes to listen to later (offline).



Stitcher does not take up space on your phone, you can also save episodes to listen offline, and you can give a rating to the programs you listen to, which will be considered for your future searches.

You can also find radio stations and it is compatible with smart home and car devices.

Podcast Go

podcast go

With Podcast Go, you can search for programs by name or by category and receive suggestions for the most popular podcasts. This application is easy to use, although it does not have the most extensive directory. You can also download episodes to listen offline and create playlists.

It also includes valuable and complete options such as creating playlists or downloading episodes to listen offline and a timer to determine the listening time.

As an absolute plus, new episodes of the podcasts you are subscribed to can be automatically downloaded.

Where can I listen to podcast online?

You can find all available podcasts in your browser. The best applications have a web version, and it is also possible to synchronize several devices, such as your phone and your laptop.

Podcast and Radio

On Podcast&, you can find podcasts from the most diverse repertoires, all in one place. Here you can listen to podcasts online from your phone or on your computer, wherever it is most convenient for you.

In addition, we offer you unique tools such as the podcast search engine by episode and author suggestions and gather radio stations and podcasts from the most diverse production companies and platforms.

Now you know, there are many ways to enjoy podcasts! I am sure there is one that fits your like and needs.

Our commitment is to offer you updated information about everything that happens in the world of podcasting.


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