4D with Demi Lovato

4D with Demi Lovato podcastThe renowned actress and singer comments on issues related to identity and activism to raise awareness for a more diverse and inclusive world.

Gayish Podcast

Gayish PodcastMike and Kyle bring honest perspectives as they discuss gay stereotypes every week. Expect lots of info and eye-opening insights.

The Lesbian Romantic

The Lesbian Romantic podcastThe Lesbian Romantic is an immersive podcast narrated to brighten your day, make you smile and give life to all your romantic fantasies.

The best Gay podcasts

The best UK LGBT podcasts are found here. The hosts converse with guests who enliven and empower the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer community. In addition, the audience learns and discovers facts about the LGBTQ+ community. ‎Your Queer Story: An LGBTQ+ Podcast is an excellent example of such shows. Hosted by Evan Jones and Paul Hobbs, this weekly pod covers the Queer community concerning religion, civil rights, sexuality, politics, and everything else.

Exclusively gay podcasts also form part of this category. These shows cover both lesbian and gay men’s issues. The topics range from romantic and erotic tales to the prejudice and discrimination gay couples face. ‎The Lesbian Romantic is a gay podcast created to keep you on the edge of your seat with a suspense-filled lesbian romance. Hosted by Sigrid Dufraimont, this lesbian audio fiction releases new chapters every Tuesday, and listeners are guaranteed nothing but pure greatness. Gayish Media LLC’s ‎Gayish Podcast is an accomplished production that breaks down gay stereotypes weekly. This award-nominated show is hosted by honest and humorous hosts who are irreverent to topics like open relationships, PDA, and depression.