Classical Music Podcast

Classical Music PodcastThis podcast compliments Classical Music, the UK's only entertaining and informative magazine on the current matters in the classical music industry.

Defected Radio

Defected Radio podcastDefected Radio plays house music in all its episodes from various labels, including its parent label, Defected Records.


FIFA PlayOn podcastMusic and football get together in this unique podcast where the most famous football players talk about their favourite tunes.
PopMaster podcast


Host: Ken Bruce
Country: Great Britain Language: English

The best Music podcasts

This is a delightful category to listen to. To begin with, classical music podcasts are in plenty. Top classical productions are reviewed, analysed, and explored. Famous works from all-time greats such as Sebastian Bach, Van Beethoven, Frederic Chopin, and Wolfgang Mozart are studied. We learn about the inspirations behind their various pieces and how the lyrics were composed. In addition, listeners learn how to play classical music instruments, what it takes to maintain them, and the best way to develop unique productions. One fine example is the ‎Classical Music Podcast that is solely and entirely focused on classical music.

There are podcasts about music that are purely music commentaries. They review, examine, criticise, analyse, and give informed opinions on various songs or volumes. We are taken through the beautiful journeys behind albums and how they eventually came to life. Top music podcasts review charts and the top numbers. They also talk about various awards, the deserving and the less deserving. From Billboard, MAMAs, and the Grammys, these shows keep listeners updated on current affairs in the music world. Word In Your Ear Podcast by David Hepworth and Mark Ellen is an excellent example of such pods.

World music podcasts are also found here. They not only explore music from the UK but from all corners of the world. You will listen to albums and hit songs from every nation in the world endlessly. There are millions of songs on the planet, and these programs play and review all your favourite genres.

Some productions play grime and drill music exclusively; many focus on raw and accomplished talents all over the UK. Some of them also invite and interview these artists. So fans get to interact with their idols and know more about them as well.

Additionally, these podcasts about music focus on the different types of pop music. From ancient to contemporary, these shows feature all forms of popular expressions. This is definitely a  rich category not to miss!