Lex Fridman Podcast

Lex Fridman PodcastLex Fridman has long conversations with great guests. His favorite topics are technology, artificial intelligence, philosophy, intelligence, conscience, and love.

Apple Events

Apple Events podcastListen to the last Apple Events. You will get updates about the newest iPhone, iPad, Macbook, Apple Watch, airPods and all the other products!


Greymatter podcastJohn Patroulis brings you stories from the tech industry leaders, who share insightful and inspiring stories on their journeys to the top.
The Lazarus Heist podcast

The Lazarus Heist

Host: Geoff White and Jean H Lee
Country: Great Britain Language: English

The best Technology podcasts

This category features the best technology podcasts. Some shows talk about the internet, taking us through the history of the internet, the founders of the web, and the significant changes it has undergone. The hosts explore all the endless features the net offers, and some invite honoured inventors. The Lex Fridman Podcast by Lex Fridman is an example of all the all-rounded tech podcasts you will find in this category.

This category includes podcasts about technology that have endless discussions about the nature of intelligence, artificial intelligence, technology as a whole, the revolutions around technology, and how science has affected the rise and advancement of technology. These sows are informative, with various invited guests who give listeners informed perspectives on matters of technology.

Computer scientists, geeks, and mathematicians host several tech podcasts that talk about just that: tech stuff. They speak about unique headlines such as the dark web, cryptocurrency, and the latest apps. But, of course, they cover coding and software development as well. In addition, some documentaries present information unknown to most of us on the development of codes, software languages, and operating systems. Crowd network’s dot com: The Wikipedia Story is a fine example of top documentaries on technology.

Cyber security experts and analysts also have something for them. There are technology podcasts that are solely focused on cyber security and cybercrimes. We get to learn how hackers operate and how to be safe from them. The various hacking techniques are exposed by white hacks that help us keep ourselves safe over the internet.

Top pundits and hosts explore and discuss the digital economy. They inform the stock exchange and online markets and demystify the digital marketplace in informative and straightforward methods. Some of them are crypto-dedicated, and users will get to learn about Bitcoin and how it was invented, how to buy and sell coins, and how to invest in cryptocurrency. For example, Coin Bureau provides unbiased information on cryptocurrency, sharing tips and tricks of surviving the crypto era.

Last but not least, there are tech podcasts that are only focused on gadgets. They analyse smartwatches, phones, tablets, and other gadgets in the market every day. Then, they advise what to buy and avoid by telling us which are the most helpful and coolest gadgets in the market and their cost.