S14, Ep8 How To Fail: Asim Chaudhry How To Fail With Elizabeth Day

About How To Fail With Elizabeth Day

‘How To Fail With Elizabeth Day’ brings out the idea that failure is a journey to success. All the guests have different and touching stories. However, the only common thing is the lessons learnt, which propels them forward. For example, in one of the most touching episodes, Day narrates how one of her close friends suffered a stroke but went against all odds and contradicted the doctors’ scientific reports by regaining the ability to write, walk and talk in two years. You will find more inspiring stories to learn and motivate you in each episode of How to fail. You can also listen to Elizabeth Day together with Emma Reed-Turrell on Best Friend Therapy.
Country: Great Britain
Language: English
Episodes count: 147
Average duration: 60 '
Frequency: Irregular