The Archers

The Archers podcastThe Archers is a contemporary drama that portrays the everyday story of countryfolk and life generally in rural England.

Batman: The Audio Adventures

Batman: The Audio Adventures podcastBatman: The Audio Adventures is an original collaboration of HBO, DC and Warner Bros. Tune in to get a chance to interact with all the stories of Batman.


Borrasca podcastJoin Sam, Kimber and Kyle to discover the mystery behind the strange events disrupting the peaceful neighbours' life in Drisking.
DERELICT podcast


Host: J. Barton Mitchell
Country: United States Language: English
Honeymoon for One podcast

Honeymoon for One

Host: Rachael King, Becca Freeman (co-writters)
Country: United States Language: English
Magmell podcast


Host: Jeff Heimbuch (director)
Country: United States Language: English
Oz 9 podcast

Oz 9

Host: Shannon K Perry
Country: United States Language: English
Quietly Yours podcast

Quietly Yours

Host: Brett Barnett
Country: Great Britain Language: English
Welcome to Night Vale podcast

Welcome to Night Vale

Host: Cecil Baldwin (narrator), Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor (writers) .
Country: United States Language: English
Wolf 359 podcast

Wolf 359

Host: Gabriel Urbina
Country: United States Language: English

The best Fiction podcasts

Given there is a fictitious tale on just about everything, this is a very vast category that you can explore endlessly. The best fiction podcasts touching on drama are found in this section. These podcasts have fabulous stories that are not only well written but also nicely acted.

A great example is BBC Radio 4’s ‎Drama of the Week which exercises the listeners’ imagination with top-notch actors and writers on the radio every Friday. For drama lovers, this program is guaranteed to give you an unforgettable experience.

The Audio-drama podcasts in this category are of excellent quality, and we assure you the best immersive experiences. You will invest emotionally into the characters and the plots to the extent that you will have nothing but a fulfilling experience. These shows stir emotions in more ways than one, and you could listen and repeat them endlessly.

‎Creepy is one instance of such masterpieces. It was created by Jon Grilz, and it is a collection of the most famous and disturbing urban legends.

Additionally, you will encounter shows about famous characters and events; the only difference is they have a hint of fiction. A good example is HBO Max’s ‎Batman: The Audio Adventures, a scripted animated series of Batman. Then, of course, the delightful music is just the icing.

Finally, you might stumble upon popular audio-drama podcasts as well. ‎Honeymoon for One is such an example. It is a drama and a comedy with exciting episodes on the romantic life of a 28-year old lady.

Some hosts even allow you to make story requests through their various social media handles or emails. The category comprises fiction podcasts solely dedicated to giving you an incredible experience that is not only outstanding but otherworldly too.