The Rest Is History

The Rest Is History podcastTom Holland and Dominic Sandbrook question the nature of greatness as they give us the entirety of human history.

British Scandal

British Scandal podcastJoin Alice Levine and Matt Forde as they hilariously tell tales involving all British scandals. Tune in for more gossip every week.

Short History Of…

Short History Of... podcastNoiser presents historical facts and covers crucial moments and remarkable people from all times.
Real Dictators podcast

Real Dictators

Host: Paul Mcgann
Country: Great Britain Language: English
In Our Time podcast

In Our Time

Host: Melvyn Bragg
Country: Great Britain Language: English
History Daily podcast

History Daily

Host: Lindsay Graham
Country: Great Britain Language: English
The Ancients podcast

The Ancients

Host: Tristan Hughes
Country: Great Britain Language: English


Host: Thomas Small and Aimen Dean
Country: Great Britain Language: English
Slow Burn podcast

Slow Burn

Host: Joel Anderson
Country: United States Language: English
The Dollop podcast

The Dollop

Host: Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds
Country: United States Language: English

The best History podcasts

Understanding the past is unlocking the present. These history podcasts immerse you into the past of countries from the mouth of experts. They will uncover the unique events of wars, conflicts, and World powers.
Even if you don’t like history, you will do with shows like You’re Dead to Me by Greg Jenner. A very compelling podcast that explains the past hilariously. If you used to snooze in history class, you would never do it again. On the contrary, podcasts like Short Story OF cut a long story short. Moreover, they teach you this subject in a language easy you can understand.
You may also find awesome British history podcasts like The Rest is History and Real Dictators. They unveil the past of England in 30 minutes or less per episode. Meanwhile, Real Dictators looks into the most tyrannical governors and help understand the current political situation of countries under a dictatorship government today.
Some of the best history podcasts like British Scandals are quite polemic too. They talk about events that once occurred in England and still have many secrets. This type of English and Irish history podcasts aim at listeners interested in gossip and historical facts that are publicly accepted.
By Michael Hobbes and Sarah Marshall, programs like You’re wrong about intend to debunk well-established concepts. They let know their perception with no shame or. This is what most people are looking for. However, the most significant part of the audience seeks other standpoints.
Also, with the BBC history podcast, you will get updated with the latest news from the BBC dedicated magazine. The BBC shows are more focused on England and the way the country has evolved throughout time. They shed light on the conquest of Ireland, Africa, and other territories. James Rogers and his podcast ‘War’ also go into the armed conflicts that changed our planet. This is a history of the world podcast not to miss.
Additionally, you will learn about ancient times and the Middle Ages, including a history of Rome podcast. Among them, The Ancient podcast reveals exciting details related to the Fall of Rome and the growth of the Catholic church as a political entity. On his side, Dan Snow’s History Hit podcast emphasizes historical locations. He will transport you to the most emblematic places where the most game-changing events in the UK took place.
The shows in this category touch upon the life of emperors, kings, characters, and communities. So take your time and learn about the past differently!