Allegedly Astrology

Allegedly Astrology podcastDana DeFranco, Elyse Carlucci, and Sarah Dembkowski take you through pop culture and various scandals in the pop industry and how astrology influenced them.

Moon Matters Podcast

Moon Matters PodcastDalanah uses her experience and knowledge to help you unlock your personal mythology.

The best Religion & spirituality podcasts

Numerous spiritual podcasts envision and are totally committed to helping you grow spiritually. They also nourish your spiritual self and help you navigate this realm. These shows explore all topics in regards to spirituality. You will meet pods such as Conspirituality that discuss right-wing conspiracy theories concerning Utopianism. The conspirituality movement is analysed deeply, and the audience gets to know everything about it.

The religion podcasts are further sub-divided according to the various faiths they adhere to. For instance, you will find Jewish podcasts that talk about everything revolving around the Jewish faith. We learn about Jewish customs and religious practices, and history. Unpacking Israeli History is one of the podcasts that give new perspectives on some of the most mysterious events in the history of Israel.

There are free Christian podcasts that are evidently about the Christian faith. Various topics are covered, and they include Bible Studies, hymnals, and preachings. Top Christian podcasts include The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill, which talks about the rise and fall of Mars Hill and uses this story to inspire fellow Christians. They also feature guests who share transformative stories they have gone through.

The Bible podcasts talk about everything involving the Bible. The hosts analyse the Bible both from a literature perspective and that one of faith. Also, some read verses daily for the listeners to hear.

The best Buddhist podcasts are found here too. These podcasts serve Buddhism on a platter. We get to learn how to keep the faith as we learn from the life stories of Buddhist monks. In addition, some podcasts exclusively converse on the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi.

Christian podcasts for men are in this category as well. Christian men interact with their fellows, and they get to share their experiences. They exchange stories about their life journeys in Christ and get to inspire each other in the process.

There are podcasts about cults too. The occult and their leaders are talked about. The various hosts analyse and give detailed opinions about the rumoured cults around the globe and their leaders. Other topics such as astrology are covered as well.

This category is as wholesome as it can be, and it includes spiritual podcasts on atheism and paganism.